Project Description

Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC) needed to consolidate all their program data so they could have a unified view of all their constituents.


MEDICC bridges the medical communities of Cuba and the United States to create better health outcomes.  To achieve this, MEDICC has seven different robust programs spanning education, fostering community partnerships, and providing medical supplies and resources. With seven major programs running to support the mission of the organization, the challenge became managing all the programs efficiently.


In 2011, MEDICC engaged Swift River Consulting to implement salesforce for their organization.

  • Swift River Consulting culled the data from their seven programs and moved it onto salesforce.  MEDICC now could see all their donors, funders, teachers, students and applicants in place.

  • MEDICC also provides scholarships, fellowships, and manages applications for their researchers and students in Cuba. They will support the students to return to the United States to practice medicine. Swift River Consulting moved their paper-based application system to the cloud so applicants can go directly to their website and apply online.
  • MEDICC also needed a more efficient way to manage their print journal. Swift River Consulting set up salesforce so they can get a “snapshot” of each issue. In salesforce, they store content and information about each journal including: costs, journal covers, PMS colors used, subscribers.

The Benefits:

Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba Boosts Efficiency with Salesforce & Swift River Consulting.

  • MEDICC Global gained back valuable work time by having their constituents all in one place with a unified view.
  • Creating a contact list of subscribers for the journal became dramatically more efficient. What used to take 6 hours of organizing data in multiple excel spread- sheets now only takes them 30 minutes in salesforce.
  • Reporting is key and the ability to run reports on their journal remotely and on demand for their board members is essential. Now they can easily gather data on production and mailing costs, the details and content of each issue in 30 minutes and it used to take them a week!
  • Salesforce gave MEDICC the ability to control their subscriber base. They can quickly know how many subscribers they have so they will know if they will go under or over budget.
  • Moving the application process for researchers and students interested in going to Cuba from paper to online dramatically decreased the time it takes to review and process the applications. What used to take 3 days now only takes 2 hours!
  • Swift River Consulting moved MEDICC’s data about their fellowships, awards and exams so they can see how many fellow- ships were allocated, who received them, and their exam scores. MEDICC can go back as far as 2007 to see the history too.

“The money we spent on salesforce essentially saved us a whole person’s salary to perform these administrative tasks.  But don’t be afraid of the cost to customize salesforce so you can gain back valuable time to spend on your program.”

– Murlean Tucker, Marketing & Circulation Manager,  MEDICC

“Swift River Consulting is amazing! They thought of things that we didn’t even think we need. They would think ahead of me. They’ve been a joy to work with!”

– Murlean Tucker, Marketing & Circulation Manager, MEDICC

Image Courtesy of MEDICC