Why Salesforce and What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a CRM or Constituent Relationship Management database. Salesforce provides a powerful technology platform (force.com) that can streamline your organization’s processes and efficiencies so you can focus more time on advancing your mission and less on the administrative work.

See what Salesforce.org has to say about the Nonprofit Success Pack.

Our Services

From simpler start-up support to larger system integration projects, our services are designed to help you get the right blend of tools your organization needs for a successful implementation

This is always an important step in getting prepared for your project. With your help, we will assess your needs, identify issues and any potential pain points, talk about your wants and make recommendations for solutions.

Usually done after your organization has already been using Salesforce, our System Audit is designed to make sure it is running up to speed. We’ll dig deeper, analyze your needs, identify any potential pain points and make recommendations to ensure your organization is using Salesforce to its fullest!

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We have extensive experience implementing Salesforce.org’s Nonprofit Success Pack and have worked closely with the developers of the product over the years, contributing documentation, Reports and Trailheads! We are experts in getting your organization set up to maximize your use of this tool.
Depending on how many databases you have, the state of your current data, preparing the data for migration into salesforce can take some time.

If you’re running an older version of the Nonprofit Success Pack, we can help you get current with the latest packages! Also, if you still need to transition to Lightning, we can make this process easier for you and your team.

We partner with many AppExchange solutions and products that extend your Salesforce capabilities, including FormAssembly, Cirrus Insight, MailChimp, Predictive Response, Campaign Monitor, and many others.

When native configuration and apps no longer fit the bill, one of our developers will build the right solution using custom development.
We have learned that training is key to your success, so we include extra time for both end users and system administrators to be sure you are able to use and manage your new system.

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Key Salesforce.com Benefits:

  • Gain a 360 degree view of your constituents by consolidating them all in one place.
  • Provide access to your data remotely through any computer or mobile device. By hosting it through the cloud, you are no longer restricted access through just one computer.
  • Manage your programs, operations, and fundraising all in one place.
  • Measure your impact with reports and dashboards.
  • Create an open collaborative work environment in your organization so departments are no longer siloed.

Some examples of how our clients are using the Force.com platform:

  • 826 National uses it for fundraising and volunteer management for all 7 chapters
  • Aspen Global Leadership Network uses it for their annual conference and to manage international fellows
  • 826 National uses it for volunteer management
  • Northeast Passage uses it for online equipment reservations for their programs
  • Vermont Organic Farmers uses it as an online portal to certify organic farmers

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