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I have Salesforce so why do I need a System Audit and what is it?

 Our System Audit & Review is a check up to make sure your Salesforce platform is running up to speed. Salesforce is a rapidly developing company and many enhancements and upgrades are made that all nonprofits should be taking advantage of!  Swift River Consulting will evaluate whether your Salesforce platform is operating to its maximum potential and not missing out on any under utilized features and functionalities. We’ll also dig deeper, analyze your needs, identify any potential pain points and make recommendations to ensure your organization is using salesforce to its fullest!

So what does a System Audit entail exactly?

Our System Audit & Review happens in 5 steps:

  1. An initial conversation for identifying target information about your organization and current Salesforce implementation
  2. A scan of your entire configuration
  3. An interview (telephone) for clarifying questions in response to the scan
  4. An advisory document with findings and recommendations
  5. A final review to discuss findings and recommendations

What is a System Audit & Review?

  • Pinpoint unused functionalities and new features that are not being utilized that can help advance your mission
  • Identify incomplete or poorly designed configurations
  • Advise on best practices and identify areas that could be improved or that are simply not being followed
  • Evaluate your data’s cleanliness
  • Recommend additional training & support options

Key Indicators You May Need an Audit:

  • If you have been using Salesforce for more than a year

  • If you have staff changes, new hires etc. that could use additional Salesforce training

  • If you have returned to using Excel spreadsheets
  • If you have not been able to keep up with the new features of salesforce

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